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Image of Preston Smith

The Preston Cup was created in honor of Preston Smith, a 4th year student at Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry (NSUOCO), and one of the founding members of SOLN during the first annual Student Private Practice Symposium and Leadership Conference held in April 2011. Tragically, at only 26 years old, Preston was killed in an automobile accident on November 1, 2011 just north of Tahlequah, OK. The loss still weighs heavy on the hearts of the many friends and family Preston left behind. 

Preston played an integral role in the formation of SOLN’s mission to promote leadership in private practice optometry across the nation. It is in part due to his hard work and dedication to the NSUOCO Practice Management Club that this organization has been successful in connecting students representing every optometry school in the United States.

The Preston Cup is to be awarded each year to the most deserving SOLN private practice or practice management club. Each SOLN member attending the annual conference votes on which of their fellow organizations has gone above and beyond over the past year.

Tragedy inspires optometric students to recognize those who go above and beyond.


Image of the SUNY Optometry SOAPP Club's immediate past president and incoming president holding the Preston Cup

SUNY Optometry's SOAPP Club (SUNY Optometric Association for Private Practice) is the winner of the Preston Cup this year! Congratulations to Jennifer Le (Immediate Past President) and Julianna Dolinski (Incoming President) for a great presentation and all the work they have done to make their private practice club what it is!

See below for previous year's winners!

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